VIVIAN BANG: Born in Seoul, Korea. Mom wanted a boy so she always cut my hair in a shag and dressed me in plaid bell bottom pants with matching jackets. I was rod stewart at 7 years old only asian. Came to the US in 1980. First Stop: San Francisco. 2nd stop: Hot-lanta. Learned my English at Sagamore Hills Elementary School where I met my first boyfriend Tommy Ryan. He was catholic and his mother washed his mouth with soap on a regular basis for taking the Lord's name in vain. Standing in the milk line together was very romantic. But I had to break up with him because he was in love with John. Since then, I only date gay men. 3rd stop: New York to go to NYU. Lived in a perfect rent-controlled east village apartment where I had a tap dancer who lived upstairs and a shower in the kitchen. Moved to Los Angeles after 10 years of NY theater. When I miss NY, I try to burn eggs while taking a shower at the same time. It just isn't the same- too much distance.

I thank Dave Lee for bringing me to Propergander. On our first encounter, I was bleeding and all torn up from a fall. I fall often for fun and mostly because I'm so clumsy.
He gave me half a bottle of his vitamin E pills to rub on my skin to prevent scarring. It didn't work. But I'm hooked on Propergander and all the beautiful talented people in the gang.

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