NAOYA IMANISHI: Ever since Kindergarten, teachers and peers alike have mispronounced my name. I'm often called "Naomi", "Nay-oh-yay", and my favorite- "Nalia". Seriously. How the frick did you get an /l/ sound from naOya??? Learn to READ mother bitches! And I, in turn, will learn to cuss properly. The 'Nao' in Japanese means 'straight-forward, honest'- and the 'ya' means 'man'. I like that, "Honest Man", very superheroic. (You hear the echo too?) 'Nao' also stems from 'naosu', which means 'to fix'. So I'm also "Naoya- Fix-it Man". Trust me, wifey will readily tell you how handy I am. When the sink is leaking, I buy a new one! When the carburetor's busted, I buy a new one! When the pool man is drowning, I jump in shirtless and give him CPR! What? This is going online? Dude, my delete button is broken! This sukcs. Oh well, next time you see me, just pronounce my name right- it's "Straight-forward Man", with the emphasis on 'straight'- mother father!

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