NANCY LEE: I'm really not that interesting but I'm fun. I hail from Northern California. I was born in San Francisco and raised in Daly City with all of the funky fresh Philipinos. Maboohai! I love the Philipinos. They're funny, they can dance and party like no other Asians. That's pretty much me except that I'm not a Filipina. I'm a Korean American. I was raised by very well-educated passionate Korean Christian parents. Typical but not because I obviously didn't become a doctor or lawyer like my older brother and I don't work in the corporate world like my younger sister. Yes! I am the black sheep of the family. You know my mama ain't too proud of that fact. However, I did go to college and actually graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from UC Irvine with a pretty darn good GPA. By the way, drama majors do more than just take classes where we learn to improv and act like animals. We did that but we also wrote lots and lots of freakin' papers! My aspiration is to become a successful actress in whatever genre (hopefully comedy) and make lots of paper so I can use it to change the world! Feed the hungry, stop child prostitution, and fund the Red Cross so they can bring immunizations to third world countries so they don't die of MEASLES for goodness sake. I also hope to meet my prince charming someday and raise little critters of my own. See? I'm typical. Well, not really. I'm also a Holy roller Christian. I love Jesus! God is the reason I've lasted this long in Hollywood. So, if you see me at some decadent Hollywood party drinking, laughing and cursing, DON'T JUDGE ME! I'm not perfect. Well, I shouldn't be cursing or drinking too much. God help me. :)

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