Amy Domjan's top three most frequently asked questions are: What ARE you, anyway? and How do you say your last name? and Boxers or briefs? The answers are: half-Hungarian and half-Chinese, Dome-ee-yawn (the j is like a y) and neither you ninny, Im a girl! Her claims to fame include: a starring off-camera role in the season 7 finale of the X-Files (You know that scene where Mulder is walking down the hallway to the monkey lab? Im not in it. Im waaaaay to the right of the shot trying to convince the assistant to the assistant assistant director to let me be an extra. Do you see me now? Do you see me now?) and her superhuman ability to jump over very very small buildings in a single bound. Her favorite Greek letter is theta but only because its one of the few words that rhymes with a type of cheese.

Amy graduated from UCLA where she worked with LCC and has designed Fertilizing Eggy and A Burning Thing for Propergander. (Picture coming soon!)

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