DAVID J. LEE: Here are random facts about myself - they're all true.

I love Apple computers. I can talk to cats. No shit. I make this mewling sound and they totally run to me. Amongst the Propergander men, I'm unanimously considered the least likely to set off anyone's gay-dar. This makes me feel left out for some inexplicable reason. I'm Korean, but everyone thinks that I'm either Japanese or Chinese. In college we once convinced some girl that I was Pilipino, but we only got away with that cause she was really, really stupid. I love beer, and maybe one of these days, beer will finally realize that it has the same feelings for me. The only people in Propergander that drink more than I do are Naoya, and possibly Randy. I always play old men in Propergander shows. Chances are that if Randy writes a scene that has a really, really old man in it, then it's me with a fake beard and a cane.

Actual acting related info: Been in PG since the beginning. Directed Fertilizing Eggy. I'll write for the shows, but only if Randy, Katie, and Mike G. can't come up with enough stuff. Recently starred as "Hal" in the East West Players production of Proof. Film credits include the upcoming American Fusion and The Achievers (currently in production) as "Murphy".

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