by Katie

For my article this week, I chose a dozen photos that I have taken over the course of the past 6 months or so. I fancy myself a photographer so I have included titles and a little bit of history for each one.

Title: Pumpkin Bitch

Story: Taken at a farm off the PCH somewhere near Monterey. After passing many a roadside produce stand, we chose to follow signs which lead us down a winding road to this farm which also touted a "corn maze." In the composition of this photo, I tried to capture the incredible number of pumpkins which were in the patch. The subject An is neither a pumpkin nor a bitch. However, she is out of her gourd sometimes.

Title: The Birdneighborhood

Story: This "neighborhood" is located on Avalon Canyon Road on Catalina Island. At first glance, you tend to focus on the fence. The houses did not show signs of inhabitation. I like the little green one. The little green one seems like some real nice people live there.

Title: Clutch

Story: This was taken by another photographer but with my camera, so it's MINE. It was dusk on the PCH (different trip from the pumpkins) and we had pulled over to get a shot of the sunset on the water. The photographer noticed these two individuals downhill a bit from the turnout. It is one of my favorite photographs due to its sense of urgency and lack of specificity. They seem to be lovers but they could be friends or siblings or relatives. The embrace seems like a lengthy consolation but, it could have been short and in jest. Who has hurt whom? Who is leaving whom?

Title: Broadway-Lafayette

Story: If you take the B, D, F or V lines through Manhattan, you would have stopped at Broadway-Lafayette. Perhaps it was the Gallic name of the station which attracted Monsieur Accordéoniste who sits on the far right. I wish I had been able to record the sounds of the accordion swirling amidst the scent of exhaust and dried urine. Truly a Parisian combination. I was intrigued by the angles within the shot: the accordionist was facing completely to the right, the man on the bench forward and the group of conversationalists all towards each other. Each party had its own agenda and interest. I was sitting at the on the opposite side of the tracks and set my camera on my bench cum tripod. The shutter had to stay open quite a while to gather what little light was down there but I am quite pleased with how this turned out.

Title: In the Studio

Story: Up and coming recording artist friend Katrina was "in the studio" when I took this photo. It was less a studio and more a physical sound booth purchased on auction which was originally used at CBS. According to the previous owners, Sammy Davis Jr. had been one of its occupants. It was quite dim in the room and there was absolutely no light in the booth so I tried my best to get a clear shot.

Title: Windshield

Story: On a particular foggy morning, I got into my car to find this. I noticed the varying amounts of condensation which had accumulated randomly due to the length of time that had lapsed from whence each drop of water ran from the roof my car to my windshield wipers. It reminded me of a forest with very tall, skinny trees. Tall and skinny like models at a fashion show.

Title: On the PCH

Story: On the way back from a wine tasting excursion to the Santa Ynez valley, my friend An the Pumpkin Bitch took this photo from the passenger seat of my car. It is reminiscent of an Elliott Erwitt photo taken in 1955 entitled California.

Title: Little Man

Story: While in Hong Kong, I visited the Australian International School of Hong Kong where the children of many an Australian ex-patriot go along with rich Chinese kids. This boy I have dubbed Little Man was leaning against the 3rd floor railing after school, eating what I recall to be an ice cream. I'm not sure how aware he was of my taking his picture but he didn't seem to mind. My friend had originally taken a similar shot and I was basically copying her, I mean, "imitating her style." I find the Little Man's expression to be preternaturally typical of many Chinese men much older than he; disinterested and aloof. However, he may have been checking out another 4th grade hottie. I can't be too sure.

Title: Sub-versive

Story: I was on the subway in Hong Kong when I saw this couple holding hands but not speaking to each other. I tried my best to be discreet with my camera. It was a rare demonstration of affection among older Chinese adults.

Title: Jellyfish

Story: Taking shelter from the rain in a coffee shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo, my friend and I found ourselves on the 3rd floor of a very smoky establishment, sipping hot chocolate and looking out the window. The colors of the umbrellas were beautiful and no two green lights yielded the same combination of hues. They reminded me of jellyfish. In the foreground, you can see a woman's leg wearing a black shoe. It always sticks out when I look at this picture. Again, due to the lighting, the shutter was open for 2 seconds which resulted in the wispy colors that highlight the motion.

Title: Bottom of the Bowl

Story: I was having dessert in Sai Kung, Hong Kong and upon finishing I discovered a little girlÉdreaming of a man. The text reads: "We want to do the best if possible, allow us to earn. If necessary, promise you to compensate. All we want is to do the best." A noble goal indeed.

Title: The King

Story: This is a photo of a male lion licking his genitals. You would too.

Copyright 2003, 2004