SAMANTHA QUAN:Half eighty-year-old and half five-year-old, Sam Quan is trouble-- it also isn't easy being so physically hulk-like. She can snap people in half, plays championship rugby, climbs mountains, swims channels and has the growl of a grizzly bear... okay, more like a pooh-bear... she's a bad liar.

Hailing from Vancouver, New York and now Los Angeles, this Canuck is glad that she went to NYU where she met Joe-- who married Nim-- who dated Welly (who went to Joe and Nim's wedding where he met Sam)-- then cast her in a play-- where she met Lloyd (who wrote the play)-- who introduced her to Mike-- who got her involved with the Propergander folks-- who took her in-- and the rest is history... yay!

If you talk to her you make get anything from a blank stare to a derailed train, but if you are sad or in a grumbly mood-- she'll tell you a badly executed joke... and then giggle-- she'll do (almost) anything for a smile and a hug... even sing "time for a hug-- hug, hug" to the tune of the "thong song"... yeah, she's a little kooky, but she's sincere. heh. heh.

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