Straight outta Los Angeles, Propergander is a band of heroes and villains who have come together to ride a new wave of storytelling and performance into an uncharted future.

The story begins in Randall Park's backyard, where a few good friends built a makeshift theater out of pieces of wood that they found on the street. Unsafe and highly unstable, the little theater (accidentally named the Edith "Pilaf" after Edith Piaf) became the epicenter for a company that still stands by its roots.

Today Propergander entertains thousands in the Los Angeles area, bringing wit, charm, and fun to our work. We pride ourselves on doing everything differently, be it theater or film. Our theater work is specifically for people who don't normally go to see theater. Our film work is for people who are looking for something new and unexpected. And we guarantee that you'll have a good time, everytime.

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