Katie has a good eye! (June, 2005)

9 Excuses For Not Getting Work Done

Being lazy is hella fun, dude. (May, 2005)

How to be EVIL (Part I)

Being evil is hella fun, dude. (May, 2005)

The Quiz

Sam's parents share their wisdom. (May, 2005)

The Dolphin and the Birdie

Dolphins kick ass. (April, 2005)

Live Healthy!

This essay will change your life. (April, 2005)

Let Go

What has Vivian learned from sex, Catholicism, Buddhism, and booze? (April, 2005)

Personal Statement

Danny loves Marissa. (April, 2005)

An Afterthought

Paolo loves Mazel. (March, 2005)


Gather around the campfire children... (March, 2005)

It hurts when I move it like this

You can dance if you want to (March, 2005)

Signs you are getting OLD

Are you old? Then put Rick in your will so that when you die, he'll get all your stuff. (March, 2005)

10 Quick and Easy Tips for the Heterosexual Male when trying to impress a Female (or at least ME)!

You know, I tried using Nancy's dating tips, but she still won't go out with me. (March, 2005)


This actually happened to Eddie. Crazy Story. (February, 2005)

On Good Manners and Proper Etiquette

Kiss my ass, Randy. Oh...wait, excuse me...Kiss my ass please, thankyouverymuch. (February, 2005)

I hate L.A. drivers (and I'm Asian)

I hate 'em too!!! YOU AND ME AGAINST THE WORLD!!! (January, 2005)

Why Rappers Make Better Lovers

Better than Naoya, at least. (January, 2005)

Are You There God? It's Me, Arnold Cohen-Chang

This kid that we know wrote this letter to God. Also, he's a frikkin' genius. (January, 2005)