My Top Seven Most Physically Painful Experiences, Ever

Dave hurts himself lots. (December, 2004)

On Acting

Randy is a good actor because he has a large face. (December, 2004)

On Writing

Randy is a baby-hating playwright. You know the type. (October, 2004)

Five Things I Love To Eat That Will Kill You.

Rick eats bad things. And then he yells at you. And then you cry like the little baby you are. (October, 2004)

Show Diary #2

Naoya, our artistic director, is totally flaming. And yes, that statement does actually have something to do with the progress of our show. (August, 2004)

Super Animal Battle #1

Forget cockfighting. How about some slothfighting? (August, 2004)

The Chinese Zodiac

Learn your DESTINY (June, 2004)

I Would Make a Terrible Woman

Dave's not a woman! And good thing too, cause he really wouldn't make a very good one at all. (May, 2004)

Show Diary #1

Resident jerk Dave tells you how to start putting together a PG show. (May, 2004)

Gay or Ninja?

Local ninja Michael Golamco takes on a recent magazine article. (April, 2004)

Penguin or Asian?

Angry penguin takes on a recent magazine article. (April, 2004)