Dr. Miracles

Dr.Miracles a new "riveting hospital drama" by Propergander's own Randall Park has been voted as the top show at Channel 102!!!

We could explain the premise of Randall's new creation to you but...you know what? Just watch it. It's...well, just watch it.

According to Randy, Episode 2 is currently under production.
He wouldn't give any other details but did provide this intriguing screenshot:


Stage Ninjaz Return!

Those Stage Ninjaz guys are back like the prodigal sons they are!

THE STAGE NINJAZ continue their regular series of shows at Ghengis Cohen with a new show on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th at 10:15 PM.

Featuring Ray Lai, Matt Hill, Rick Lee, Randall Park, and Eddie Shin, and some of the best comics Los Angeles has to offer. And let's face it -- it's a big city, so THAT'S HUGE!

Peep the flyer, we'll see you there!

THE LEGENDARY STAGE NINJAZ at GENGHIS COHEN - 710 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046 - SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th - 10:15 PM - $7 Admission


Stage Ninjaz!

Do you believe in magic? If you do, I have a show for you.

THE STAGE NINJAZ are beginning a regular series of shows at the venerable institution known as Genghis Cohen starting SATURDAY, JULY 30th at 10:15 PM.

Featuring Ray Lai, Matt Hill, and Propergander's own Rick Lee, Randall Park, and Eddie Shin, these guys are straight gangster with their improv. No, seriously. During one of their sessions they jacked my car and I still don't know where it is.

Also featuring stand-up comedy from Randall Park, Stuart Paap, Allan Flowers and more! Your funny bone is about to receive the Dim-Mak (Death Touch)!

Peep the flyer and we'll see you all there!

THE LEGENDARY STAGE NINJAZ at GENGHIS COHEN - 710 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046 - SATURDAY, JULY 30th - 10:15 PM - $7 Admission


Seven is Not Enough.

Well folks, Everybody Dies is over. We had a great run, and we owe it all to you.

Eighteen shows and fourteen of them sold out. Backstage West called it "Brilliant", and you turned out in force -- thank you for your support!

So what's next for Propergander?... Lean in close and I'll tell you:

Coming this fall, The Eight Samurai, a new epic comedic stage play written by our own Randall Park! We're taking you back to Feudal Japan -- a time of intrigue, mystery, and ninjas. Ninjas with guns. A mad warlord has seized power through unscrupulous means, and an untested young man must gather a team of samurai to defeat him!

This is our biggest show yet -- live and on stage, coming to you in just a few months! So click here and check out the trailer!

Thanks again for making "Everybody Dies" a huge hit. We hope to see you again in the fall -- and until then, check out our Features Section for new articles and watch this space for Eight Samurai updates.

And from all of us at Propergander, thank you for your support!!!


The Final Weekend!

It is upon us. This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the last three shows of the run.

After five solid sold out weekends, Everybody Dies, the show that is loved by critics and the people alike, is coming to a close.

Haven't seen it yet? This is your last chance -- Reserve your tickets now before they're all gone.

UPDATE (06/29, 12 pm): Thursday June 30th: SOLD OUT; Friday July 1st: SOLD OUT; Saturday July 2nd: TENTATIVELY SOLD OUT**

** Email info@propergander.net to check on availability. Tickets may be freed up due to cancellations.

And Saturday night after the show, join Propergander for an afterparty hosted by the all-star musical menches known as ILL AGAIN:

Bring those you love! Tell those you hate to stay at home! We'll see you at the show and the party, and thanks again for your support!

May 26th to July 2nd, 2005 - Thurs, Fri, Sat. Nights at The Actors Playpen - 1514 North Gardner Street, West Hollywood, CA 90046

PLUS: This Fall Propergander presents our hugest endeavor yet -- "The Eight Samurai", a new full-length play written by Randall Park.
And due to popular request, you can watch the trailer for this comedic epic right now by clicking right here!


The Final Two Weekends!
Only six shows left!

Ok folks, this is it. The final six shows of the run. This is your very last chance to see "Everybody Dies"! After this we disappear until the fall.

If you've seen the show, thanks so much for coming! But if you haven't, you can turn it all around by clicking here to reserve your tickets online.

You know the drill: See the show! Spread the word! Share the love! Two weeks and "Everybody Dies" is history!


The Last Weekends!
Only a few chances left to see "Everybody Dies"!

There are only three weekends left to see "Everybody Dies" -- and tickets are going fast! Once again, we were completely sold out again this last Friday and Saturday night. And once again, we had to turn people away at the door.

Only you can prevent this from happening! Reserve your tickets online to guarantee yourself and the ones you love a seat. We don't want to turn you away too!

You heard it from your friends because folks are spreading the word -- it's a great show, so check it out before it's gone.


It's a Smash Hit!
Tickets for "Everybody Dies" are selling out quick!

Ok folks, this past weekend our Friday and Saturday shows were completely sold out. And I mean completely. There was a dude sitting on my shoulders like Yoda, except he was a lot less green and a lot more heavy.

We hate to do it, but we've been forced to turn people away before. Don't let that happen to you. Guarantee yourself a seat by booking your tickets online. It's easy, it's free of service charges, and it makes you more attractive to others. Just kidding. But who knows? Maybe it does!

This weekend's shows are filling up quickly, so if you want to check out the show, make a power move and click here! And thank you for spreading the word -- it's your support that keeps us going strong!

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